Cleaning and Storage Tips for Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Jewelry

Diamond Engagement Rings

If you own precious jewelry such as diamond earrings, pendants, diamond rings, or other fine jewelry products, you can keep these items for a lifetime if you take care of them. Proper cleaning and storage will help your diamond jewelry stay beautiful for years to come.

Why Cleaning is Necessary

Diamond jewelry accumulates dirt and oil buildup after a while. This buildup comes from hand lotions, hair styling products, dust, and even perspiration. If you never clean your diamond jewelry, the buildup will only get worse and will finally turn into gunk on the back of your jewelry or stone. The buildup is usually not noticeable for a while, but before you know it, your diamond looks dull and dirty. You can clean jewelry at home or have a jeweler clean it for you.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

To clean diamond jewelry, create a solution using warm water and mild liquid dish detergent such as Ivory detergent. Ammonia solution or water solution may be used for fracture-filled diamonds. If other gemstones are included with your diamond, be extremely careful not to damage these during cleaning. There are also jewelry cleaning solutions available in the marketplace, but you can use the household remedy above to save time and money.

Soak the jewelry in the solution for a while and then use a soft brush to remove dirt and gunk from the jewelry. Never use a brush with hard or stiff bristles because this could scratch any metal areas of your jewelry. After cleaning with the brush, swish the jewelry around a few times in the solution. Then, rinse the jewelry in warm water. Always cover or close your drain before rinsing diamond jewelry over a sink. Small pieces may fall down the drain if you drop them.

If the jewelry still has some grime after cleaning, use a toothpick to get to those hard-to-reach places. Next, dry the jewelry as much as possible using a lint-free cloth.

You can use this cleaning method for diamond engagement rings, diamond bangles, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, and other diamond jewelry, but be sure to take all parts (bands, clasps, settings, other stones, and so forth) of the jewelry into consideration. If you’re not sure, ask a jeweler to show you how to clean the item safely.

How to Store Diamond Jewelry

Diamond earrings, pendants, and jewelry should be stored so the jewelry doesn’t rub together and get scratched. Use soft jewelry cloth to separate your different pieces of jewelry. Store your jewelry in a dry room or area of your home, safe from moisture or condensation. Also, keep your valuables in a safe, hidden place. Even with jewelry insurance coverage, losing a sentimental diamond ring or other diamond jewelry can be a heart-breaking experience.

For jewelry items very close to your heart such as a diamond engagement ring, never leave them lying around on a counter, dresser, or table where they can easily be knocked off. Place them in your jewelry box when you need to take them off for chores so you’ll always know where they are.

Clean and store your diamond earrings, pendants, and jewelry safely, and they’ll never lose their beautiful, shiny appeal.


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Designing with accent Beads

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accent Beads

accent Beads

Designing with accent Beads

Designing with accent beads can be an exciting endeavor. I like to think of accent beads as a frame to put all the attention on the gemstone bead that I am making the main attraction. Accent beads call also used to high light the pattern in a stone or mirror that pattern.

I have also used precious metal accent beads in numerical patterns that follow the rules of sacred geometry to enhance the wearer, health, goals or possible help them access some character within themselves such as charity, compassion or insight into their own behavior. If one is having trouble meeting their goals by not taking systematic step you can you a pattern of progression like the simple 1,2,3,4,5 repeat or 2, 5, 7, repeat. Another way to accent a stone is by mirroring the properties of the stone such as a moonstone. You can base a moonstone design on all the number associated with a moon cycle, 12, 9, 3 and 4′s this is much easier to achieve with accent beads than with moonstone alone as you would have to have many different shapes or sized of moonstone.

Such a piece would be good for an expectant mother or someone that needs to have their cycles regulated or perhaps tame PMS. You could further enhance this design by using disc shaped sterling accent beads that reflect the shape and color of the full moon. This is just one example of using accent beads to add to your designing library. You can use numeric patterns to add beauty and dimension to any design.

Another use of accent beads is to add to the richness of your piece. Gold, Vermeil or Gold filled beads can accomplish this from a lavish outlay in 20K to a more modest one using Vermeil or gold filled beads but still achieving the look of a sophisticated valuable jewelry article. Gold brings the look of wealth, abundance and luxury. It also adds joy or celebratory nuances because it mirrors the look of the full summer sun a time of plenty and jubilation.

You can look at ancient jewelry piece from Egypt, Phoenicia, Greek or Rome for inspiration. It is easy to see how they incorporated accent beads to play up the drama and power of their designs.

The applications for using accent beads are endless. Accent beads can extend your design options without limitations. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The wonderful thing about beading is that if it doesn’t appeal, doesn’t feel ‘right’, you can undo it and start again!

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Buying wholesale jewelry is not just about price comparison

Posted on October 5, 2011 in diamond engagement rings by romantics

Although it also applies to traditional brick and mortar jewelry retail stores, the surge of ecommerce through the advancing internet infrastructure and a significant decrease in overhead costs enable many entrepreneurs to start their own businesses online. Combined with the exponentially increasing number of web users, online retail has become an attractive opportunity for people who want something for their own.

The online retail sales grossed about $110 billion in 2005 and jewelry category accounted for 5% of the total. Other major categories include books, apparel, computer related, electronics and drugs. The reason why jewelry is particularly attractive to a lot of entrepreneurs is that the startup capital could be small and the logistics is easy to control. The reason is that the spectrum of jewelry range from costume jewelry to silver jewelry to diamond luxury items, which offers a flexible startup capital requirement. Also, due to the nature of jewelry, it does not require a large storage space in the beginning and is relatively easily to package and ship.

For someone who is already convinced that jewelry store is a feasible online business, the next question would obviously be where to get the merchandize. To answer this question, we have to state the characteristics that one should look for when selecting a vendor. I know some of you are thinking “prices”. Sure, different vendors have different prices for similar items, is the one with the lowest prices odd to be the one we should work with?

Granted, your vendor’s pricing is crucial to the success of your business, this is all about money after all. Nonetheless, in order to be competitive in the market, there are many other facts you might want to get from a wholesaler before any decision is made.

Firstly, especially in jewelry and apparel industry, the vendor has to have the sense to the changing fashion trends. New styles come out every day and popular styles are changing every season, it makes a huge difference between your vendor selling styles that were hot last summer rather than styles that just got exposed in a French fashion show. You should do your own research, of course, but a vendor with the good connections and senses propels your business and saves you a lot of time.

Secondly, if you decide to carry some unique styles that can rarely be found anywhere else, do make sure you get them from a vendor who guarantees the availability of the stock. By doing this, you can maximize your effort for processing each item. Typical pre-processing of an item are photo-taking, editing, copywriting and data entry. If the vendor runs out of stock for most of the items you purchased, and not being able to perform backordering, the effort for maintaining the inventory will be dramatically increased.

Also, the reputation for a vendor is very important. The authenticity of goods is vital to building a successfully business. Ask for reference if possible and get multiple of them for the same vendor. Selling counterfeit or fake jewelry not only will harm your business, it is illegal. Watch out for fake gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires, treated gemstones for enhancing colors, incorrect purity of metals such as 14k, 18k gold and 925 silver not having the amount of metal as claimed.

Finally, like any business relationships, vendors with good customer services can help your business in many ways. For instance, custom jewelry manufacturing, resizing and repairing are typically services that a jewelry wholesaler might provide.

With over 15 years of experience in silver jewelry business, Sam’s One jewelry takes pride of the lowest prices in the market, latest style and good customer service. We specialize in hip hop jewelry wholesale and sterling silver jewelry manufacturing, as well as custom sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry ordering. Look no further if starting your own online jewelry store sounds right for you.

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